Mad for Manouche!

For Listeners

There’s nothing quite so beguiling as the sound of gypsy jazz guitar. Django Reinhardt invented the style and wrote many of the genres standards such as Minor Swing and Nuages. His partnership with the Hot Club de Paris and Stephane Grappelli is legendary. Since Django’s death in 1953, the style has gone from strength to strength with many top class players carrying the Manouche torch. Bireli Lagrene, Stochelo Rosenberg, Lolo Meier and of course the master himself are featured on this exclusive AGW download of 37 top Gypsy Jazz tracks.

For Players

The style is great fun to play and if you want to dip in AGW recommends these three Truefire courses:

While the style is known for its flashy and often blisteringly fast lead runs, Manouche is nothing without its rhythm section. If you want to play this style the first thing to learn is La Pompe, the classic rhythm guitar accompaniment that underpins everything.

And while you learn, the perfect listening material is AGW’s Manouche Collection – a triple album’s worth of material for just 99p.