AGW Collection

The AGW Collection (PICK ‘N MIX) is a 135-page ebook containing 30 acoustic guitar lessons and 66 mp3s. It’s an Acoustic Blues compendium designed to keep you busy picking away for a month of Sundays. Studying the guitar is both a listening and learning experience. Obviously the time you spend hands-on with your guitar is important, but you should also listen to as much of the music you’re trying to learn as possible. That’s why we’ve included 66 high quality listening mp3s in a variety of Acoustic Blues styles in this collection. Enjoy the pickin’…

  • <b>AGW Collection</b>

    AGW Collection

    This AGW ebook features 30 acoustic guitar lessons, focusing on acoustic blues styles such as Ragtime and Delta Blues. Acoustic slide a la Ry Cooder, Folk picking styles, Jazz Blues and more… Plus 66 AGW acoustic guitar mp3s.
  • <b>30 Acoustic Guitar Lessons</b>

    30 Acoustic Guitar Lessons

    Pardon the pun, but you can pick and mix! Styles covered include Ragtime, Country, Fingerstyle Jazz, Slide guitar. Tab and audio included. 135 pages of lessons!
  • <b>Learn Great Tunes</b>

    Learn Great Tunes

    The AGW Collection features 30 in-depth lessons in a 135-page ebook. Some great tunes you’ll get to add to your picking arsenal include, Misty, Somewhere Over The Rainbow and the Rev Gary Davis classic Cincinnati Flow Rag.

30 Acoustic Guitar Lessons, 66 MP3s

The AGW Collection is just $4.99. Have fun and keep up the pickin’…