An electric offer for all guitarists


At the risk of people crying ‘Judas’, (as they famously did to Bob Dylan when he went electric) I want to talk about electric guitars. The fact is most good guitarists play both electric and acoustic. Personally, I love  both. After playing a lot of acoustic it’s nice to take a rest and pick up an electric – and vice versa. My axe of choice is a Telecaster. I can get a nice twang thing going with it and when recording I often layer acoustic guitars under Tele parts.

A really good Fender Telecaster will set you back between $1500 and $2000. If you have the money and your brand conscious that’s fine. However, if you don’t give a damn what it says on the headstock an option to consider is a Partscaster, i.e. it looks and sounds like a Tele, but it’s not made by Fender. I have just invested in one such which is being made as I write by Koen Klijnsmit at the Dutch Luthier company. You can check out how it sounds by playing the video above. Here’s a pic:

As you can see, it looks in every way like a Telecaster, except it doesn’t say Fender on the headstock. Personally, I don’t give a damn about that. What I want is a great-sounding guitar and I know I’m going to get it from Dutch Luthier. I get a choice of pick-ups, e.g. Fender American Vintage ’52, Fender Pure Vintage 64 Telecaster and more. I can select either a maple or rosewood fretboard, I get a good choice of colours, chrome, gold or black parts and etcetera. And here’s the kicker: instead of shelling out $2000 or so, I’m getting it all (oh, and hardcase included) for just $550.

Dutch Luthier has just launched a campaign on where you can find out more details. Click here and get a whole lotta twang for your buck!