5 Acoustic Fingerstyle Blues Licks

Acoustic Fingerstyle Blues just has to be one of the most satisfying guitar styles to play. You don’t need a band – you play the bass, melody and rhythm all by yourself. How cool is that! Dive into these must-have acoustic fingerstyle blues licks from Joe Dalton, a passed master at the art. These essential grooves are from Joe Dalton’s Truefire video course 50 Acoustic Blues Guitar Licks You MUST Know. A hand-picked, pardon the pun, collection of acoustic blues licks that are sure to hone your creative improvisation skills and techniques.

Joe guides you through various approaches with examples and material then shows you how you can incorporate these into your playing. He gives you some great insight into the harmonies involved without boring you to death with music theory. Techniques covered include thumping monotone bass, alternating bass, pull-offs and hammer-ons, all the spice that makes this guitar style so appealing to play and of course to listen to.

Check out these great acoustic blues licks here…

Joe Dalton - acoustic fingerstyle blues master

About Joe Dalton

‘When country and blues guitar master Joe Dalton picks up a six-string; everyone listens. A phenomenon that has followed Joe since he was a snot nosed kid in the 5th grade. Having picked up his first instrument at age 5, Dalton should have been considered a musical prodigy if it weren’t for the plain fact that he was only one of the latest branches to sprout from a very musical family tree with a legacy that spans decades. His great-grandfather conducted the City of Rome Orchestra in Italy; his grandfather was the leader of the New York Philharmonic; his father is solely responsible for bringing mallets into the U.S. Army Band Corps; his brother teaches at the Boston Conservatory…we could go on, but you get the point, right? Musical prowess runs through his veins; it’s the nucleus of his existence.’ (Bio courtesy of Truefire.com)