Fingerstyle McCartney

NEW AGW eBook – Fingerstyle McCartney

Yesterday and Blackbird probably need no introduction. They’re both stellar Paul McCartney hits and lend themselves perfectly to arranging for fingerstyle guitar. In fact, Blackbird was written as pure fingerstyle while Yesterday was orginally recorded with acoustic guitar and a string quartet. Both are included in AGW’s new eBook, Fingerstyle McCartney.

Yesterday is a monster, the most covered song in history according to the Guiness Book of Records. It was voted the best song of the 20th century in a 1999 BBC Radio2 poll. This one song alone has earned over $25 million in royalties and the figure is, of course, still counting!

You may be satisfied with learning the tab/notation as we present it. That’s just fine, but we hope that you will push the envelope a little and try and come up with your own arrangements.

We put these tunes under the microscope and give you valuable insight into dynamics, arranging tricks, and stylistic approaches that you can use to make Yesterday and Blackbird your own. When to use arpeggios or a pick and strum technique, how to break things up with tasteful single-note runs, use of vibrato and sustain, chord melody and more… it’s all part of this detailed look at these McCartney mega hits from a fingerstle perspective. You can also apply this knowledge to other tunes you might want to arrange for fingerstyle guitar.

What you get with Fingerstyle McCartney

  • Tablature in PDF and Guitar Pro
  • MidiTab for easy import to various tab programs
  • Video support using split-screens – see picking and fretting hand
  • Arranging and stylistic tips
  • Insight into dynamics such as vibrato and sustain
  • Bonus mp3 and video

Fingerstyle McCartney just $4.99