50 essential fingerpickin’ guitar licks

50 Fingerpickin’ Guitar Licks You Must Know

This Truefire course from the late great Pete Huttlinger covers uptempo country and bluegrass moves, country/blues endings, walking bass lines, banjo style rolls, cool jazz chord melody, blazing chicken pickin’, Bossa Nova rhythmic patterns and more.  In short, it’s a veritable fingerpickin’ feast! Pete’s introduction to the course is in the video above.

As usual the fingerpickin’ licks are played against a rhythm backing track. Pete breaks down each lick in detail to help you really get it under your fingers. It should be said here that this fingerpickin’ course is not for beginners. You’ll need to be an intermediate standard picker to benefit from this. All the rhythm tracks, notation and tablature are of course included for you to work with. To preview this fingerpickin’ course, click here.

If you are a good player you might also want to take a look at Pete’s The Lone Arranger course, in which he gives you insight into how to create compelling fingerstyle arrangements of your own.

Have fun and keep up the fingerpickin’…

Pete Huttlinger Fingerpickin' genius

About Pete Huttlinger

Comfortable with his guitar, a mandolin, a resonator, and other stringed instruments, Pete Huttlinger was a phenomenally talented musician whose work extended beyond stage performances and recording sessions into the world of education as well. His excellence as a teacher is evidenced on many instructional DVDs and other materials.

Pete Huttlinger passed away in January 2016. He will not be forgotten.

Guitar Player Magazine said, “In Pete Huttlinger’s hands, a fingerpicked flat-top becomes a mini-orchestra. He juggles it all: a tune’s melody, harmony, and bass lines-even percussion. His playing is fun, scary, and always inspiring.”

LeAnn Rimes refers to him as a “genius.” Artie Traum called him a “guitaristic force of nature.” Fingerstyle Guitar touts him as the “king of the fingerpickers”.