Fingerstyle Boogie Handbook

Fingerstyle Boogie anyone?

AGW worked with Tim Sparks way back on a project called Roots Rags & Blues. It came out well but Tim’s newer stuff for Truefire socks the ball out of the yard. His latest series of video lessons has got us really excited…

Fingerstyle Boogie by Tim Sparks produced by Truefire

‘There are many theories about the origins of the Boogie Woogie. Some claim it’s origins stem from Beethoven’s 32nd piano sonata written in 1821. Others site African origins and terms such as ‘Boog’ and ‘Booga’ both of which mean ‘to beat.’ We do know that the first time ‘boogie woogie’ was used in a title of a song was back in 1928 for Pine Top’s Boogie Woogie, which song lyrics offered dance instruction as well. Wherever the boogie-woogie came from, we’re all very thankful because we love to play it, listen to it and dance to it.

While the boogie-woogie originated on piano, guitarists enthusiastically adopted the style, which in turn led to its prominence in rock and blues. In particular, acoustic fingerstyle guitarists have tweaked and refined the boogie-woogie style into a sophisticated art form, still with deep roots to its country blues beginnings but with countless variations and often-times very challenging fingerstyle techniques.

There is no other guitar master of the style that has studied boogie-woogie as fastidiously as Tim Sparks. Likewise, no other guitar master that is able to present as complete a curriculum on boogie-woogie as Tim Sparks. Tim’s Fingerstyle Boogie Handbook is your definitive guide to learning everything you really need to know about fingerstyle boogie-woogie.’

The Fingerstyle Boogie Handbook is 47 video lessons featuring multi angles, slow motion and looping. You also get a heap of tab in Pdf and Guitar Pro format.

So if you’re ready to boogie with Tim click here for more info.


Tim Sparks

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