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Truefire Acoustic guitar courses 
AGW (Steve Elliott & Rick Payne) worked with the awesome folks at Truefire in 2004, when we produced Rick Payne’s 60 Day Fingerstyle Blues Camp. We recorded it in their kitchen! AGW also produced Tim Sparks’ Roots, Rags, Blues. Suffice it to say, Truefire has gone from strength to strength and today makes the best guitar instruction videos on the planet, in state of the art studios that include the kitchen sink, technology-wise! All genres and styles are offered. On this page you’ll find a small selection of their acoustic guitar courses. Enjoy and keep up the pickin’!

Truefire Acoustic

  • Roots Rags & Blues

    Virtuoso acoustic wizard and fingerstyle master, Tim Sparks presents Fingerstyle Roots, Rags & Blues, an insightful exploration of Early Americana Roots music and intensive fingerstyle study program for intermediate and advanced students.
  • Fingerstyle Blues Factory

    Learn how to construct compelling fingerstyle blues performances with David Hamburger’s Fingerstyle Blues Factory
  • Tommy Emmanuel - Fingerstyle Milestones

    The very first course of its kind from Tommy, Fingerstyle Milestones is ideal for early intermediate to advanced guitar players who are ready to develop finger and thumb independence and explore the polyphonic wonders of fingerstyle guitar.
  • Rhythm Factory - Massimo Varini

    Rhythm is always the key to good music. This course helps you craft compelling parts for pop and acoustic rock songs. In reality whatever style you play, working through Massimo’s course diligently will definitely improve your rhythm.
  • Acoustic Guitar Greatest Hits Vol 1

    Presenting top-ranked acoustic and fingerstyle video guitar lessons from 15 of TrueFire’s top acoustic and fingerstyle guitar educators. All lessons are tabbed and notated, and come with the backing tracks used in the lesson (if applicable). Acoustic Guitar Greatest Hits delivers a very versatile vocabulary of techniques for any acoustic or fingerstyle guitar player.
  • 50 Fingerpickin' Guitar Licks You Must Know

    The late great Pete Huttlinger’s collection covers uptempo country and bluegrass moves, country/blues endings, walking bass lines, banjo style rolls, cool jazz chord melody, blazing chicken pickin’, Bossa Nova rhythmic patterns and more. In short, a veritable fingerpickin’ feast!
  • Gareth Pearson's Travis, Atkins & Reed Guidebook

    Welsh wizard Gareth Pearson’s first Truefire course digs into and demystifies the true wonders of the three godfathers of fingerstyle – Merle Travis, Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed.
  • 30 Beginner Fingerstyle Blues Licks

    David Hamburger’s 30 Beginner Fingerstyle Blues Licks You MUST Know is your express ticket to igniting your fingerstyle blues chops!
  • Muriel Andersen - Fingerstyle Essentials

    One of the world’s foremost fingerstyle guitarists and harp-guitarists, Muriel Anderson has performed and recorded with Chet Atkins, Les Paul, Victor Wooten and the Nashville Chamber Orchestra.
  • Pierre Bensusan's DADGAD Explorer

    Gain insight into the wonderful DADGAD tuning with the master of the art – Pierre Bensusan. Click on the title or image for videos and detailed explanation.
  • Tony McManus' Celtic Journeyman

    Celtic music is a pure and much celebrated folk music and there’s no one better to teach you the ins and outs of this style on guitar than the incomparable Tony McManus.

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